are these decent? like the stilleto or somin. i dont want a cheap nasty soundin dull bass. i dont even play bass really besides when i geta chance to. ive played guitar for like 3 years now and my bro has a bass but he dosnt use it much but i want one of my own. soo wat would be a decent bass? i dont want a punchy sound i want a warm but bright soundin bass
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i want a warm but bright soundin bass

Have fun with that.

But anyway, Schecter makes some great basses. I suggest a Stiletto Elite 5.
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yeah, the stiletto. I don't even...well yeah i do sometimes but that is a GREAT bass man. especially the 5 string. Pure. Awesomeness. just get it
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Great basses, great features, great sound, some of the best basses for the money out there. Very hard to beat for the buck.
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thank you for your help

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I'd highly advise you to get a Schecter Elite 5 if you are heading in the direction of Schecter. I got one a few months back and it is one of the most amazing basses I have ever played. You can get a great variation of tones from it, from one extreme to another i.e it can go really heavy if needed but can also sound amazingly clear and bright. Also the B String isn't floppy in the slightest as it is on some other 5 Stringers.

So yeah buy a Schecter lol
For warm but bright, do you mean warm but defined?

Warm but bright is a contradiction, but warm yet defined means you still have the warmth of the note without any muddiness.
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gm jack thats wat i mean. warm but defind ha sorry. so it seems pretty decent. wat is it compared to a ken smith bass eh eh?