I have two pedals for sale, if anyone is interested:

Marshall Guv'nor distortion - This is a mean, mean pedal. I used this with my Epi LP and it sounds killer. It has bass/deep and treble/mid knobs that allow you to tweak it to sound the way you want it to. This is supposed to emulate the distortion you get from a classic Marshall amp. The pedal is in good condition, since I've used it mostly at home. I'm letting this one go for $60 OBO.

Electroharmonix Small Clone chorus - The best sounding chorus I've ever used. The only reason I'm selling this one is because I just don't use it often enough. This pedal is in like new condition. I'm selling this one for $70 OBO.

If you are interested, we can discuss shipping/Paypal fees and come up with something that'll work. Also, these prices are by no means firm. Email me and we can bargain.

Contact me at joe.chao@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thanks!