Ok guys, i need some expert advise.
I am faced with a conflict here. Right now ive got a squier starter pack ( )
However, it really isnt that bad, ive adjusted truss rod, and pickups to my liking, which surprisingly doesnt auctually sound that bad, however, i cant stand 1:sh*tty whammy bar and 2: 21 fret neck! Basically my conflict is to a: get a new guitar with the money ive got (500-700, im thinking 22 or 22 frets hopefully with floyd) b: buy a few individual effects (eg: phase, chorus and distortion) c: get a good multi effect (boss me-50) d: get a new amp with the money ive got (high end solid state? maybe low end tube?) e: save up and get the guitar of my dreams (http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_jackson_sl1_usa_soloist_electric_guitar?full_sku=511466%2e055 in burnt cherry burst) or f: Save up for high end amp (thinking 6505 or JCM 2000)

Suggestions on what type or specific peices of gear is appreciated, thanks in advance
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AMP! A great guitar won't sound good through a crappy amp. The biggest part of your tone, besides fingers, is your amplifier. A great amp and a bad guitar sound much better than a great guitar and an alright amp.
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pedals- chorus-Electro-Harmonix Small Clone [NOT nano clone] $80
phaser- MXR Phase 90 $70
distortion- Electro-Harmonix Big Muff [$70-80] or Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff [$100]
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A new amp will make the biggest difference as far as sound goes, however its kind of up to you. When i decided to up my gear i went guitar first, then amp, then customized the guitar and finnaly effects board. Its all kind of personal preferance. Btw, as far as new guitars go i sugest schecter, im a little bit partial though lol
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oh, as far as those pedals, i was thinking about getting one of the vox cooltron distortions, a tc electionics chorus/flanger, and a EVH phase (due to vintage script) or else ebaying a vintage phase