Hey there.

I've been playing the accoustic for a few months, on a takamine cutaway, and am really starting to get into it, and now I've decided it's time to buy an electric.

I'm really more into grunty distorted music than technical solos and whatnot, examples of what I like listening to are: Staind, Seether, Underoath, Oomph!, Marilyn Manson, etc etc.

That sort of guitar sound really appeals to me, more so than classic rock, I know, I'll be frowned upon, but meh, that's what I like, deal with it!

I live in New Zealand, so buying online at places like musiciansfriend is impossible because they won't ship to me, and buying guitars in stores here is very expensive!

I've been reading up on everything, and I'm pretty set on wanting a Les Paul, and I'll probably get an epiphone one, because they sound quite trustable.

I was looking on the local auction site, and stumbled upon an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Sig Les Paul, hardly used, and with EMG 81/85 pickups already installed.

It has a buy now of $1000NZL, which is the equivilant of about $750US. The guitar has a retail price of $2000NZL in local stores.
I only have slightly over $1000NZL in savings though, and currently I'm not working.

Keep in mind I dont have a good amp yet, just a piece of ****, I'll probably be able to have a decent amp around christmas.

Is this guitar such a good buy, having the pickups upgraded already and being in unused condition that I should snap it up right away? Or should I wait and try and find something else?

I really dont mind the paint job on the guitar, I'm more worried about having something that sounds nice, and I'm not afraid of being called a 'poser'.

Anyhow, the auction closes in about 6 hours, so let me know your opinions on what I should do please!

Thanks for your help!
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Oh, if anyone thinks that an Epi Les Paul wouldnt be appropriate for my style, please let me know.

Am I rushing into things?

Yeah, just leaves me totally out of pocket!

Anyone else think I should go for it?
Sounds like a great buy. However, you need to take into account that the amp is the thing that impacts the majority of your sound, not the guitar itself. So maybe settle on a cheaper guitar so you can get a decent amp NOW, rather than get discouraged with crappy sounds coming from a crappy amp.

just my 2 cents

I'm thinking that's a good idea, I'd be happy living without a good amp for a while, I can always play it on other peoples amps for the mean time.

I'd rather not be needing to upgrade a low end guitar soon, I'd like to have something that will last

The fact it already has decent pickups in it really sells it for me I think, thanks for your opinions guys!
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I'll probably try and find a good deal on a decent second hand one.

I'll earn a few thousand dollars in my holiday job around christmas, I'll probably spend a similar amount that I'm spending on the guitar, for now though, I'll have no money to spend, and it's back to saving :P
Okay, I managed to talk the guy down to $950NZL, and he's throwing in a free hard case, I'm very happy!

Once I have it sent to me, I'll let you all know how it turns out

Thanks for your advice