It's not complete yet, but its a work in progress.

Truth in the Lies

Verse 1

The documents are hidden and secure, or so they say, but who trusts politicians these days, who has the proof, that the sniper on the roof, is on our side, it’s the truth in the lies, where darkness hides, the humanity, turns to insanity, when the sounds of an AK, take your life away. (Chorus)


Listen to the speaker, listen to the hope in his voice get weaker, decide what is true, choose what are the lies, pick carefully because you’ve attracted every eye, soon it will be time for this world to die, and then we will move on, we won’t even look back, we’ll leave without a thought, to those who didn’t make it home, because of the maniac with the gun in his hand.

Verse 2

Bomb the world, that’s what they said, invade the country, bring all your friends, load the guns, sharpen the knifes, now unlock the shackles, and let us rule the night, we can’t be controlled by a nation, when the nation can't control itself, staining paper with ink, do they even stop to think? (Chorus)
Chris Redfield Of The Resident Evil Club
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