Hey, I'm wondering how much these guitars are going for these days. I have one (technically my dad's, using it for the time being), although I wouldn't give this thing up for the world, it plays so nice, just curious. It's in good condition, has a small ding on the back of the body and a ding or two in the head, but other than that really good condition.

If anyone doesn't know what these are check this link out http://www.junkguitars.com/stories/ovation.html

I'll post some pics tomorrow if anyone's interested. The reason I'm asking here is because I cant find a current price anywhere online, really. Thanks for your help!
it says in the article that its actual value is $1500 but was selling at $2500-$3000.
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Hey what color is yours? Mine is wine red. Supposedly the black and sunburst ones are less valuable, because they were the ones produced on the largest scale, but now the prices are so inflated (mostly because of Josh Homme, i think) that you can get 1500 dollars for any of them.
Mines in sunburst. Thanks for the info guys. I thought the price may have changed, I thought that article was a little old but I guess not. $1500 is pretty good, but these things play so nice I don't think it'd be even worth selling. Well thanks again for the info guys.
DUDE!!! alright, i just got unbanned, ovation ultra-gp is my all time wanted guitar. please post pics. both of you
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