I was gigging last night and found my single pedals to be a real hassle, all strewn in-front of the stage, not to mention the hassle involved with getting them all powered and plugged in, so now Im thinking why not use my GT-8? Sure single effects sound better but I could use them in the studio when I'm not under any pressure, plus whos really gonna tell the difference, especially live? The only problem is I really can get my head round the thing, Ive been on the GT-8 forums and read the primer but I still find myself getting annoyed with the thing and switching back to my single effects. Ive heard about a DVD tutorial thing that kinda walks you through it but I dont wanna drop the £20 without some recommendation, anyone have any experience with it?
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If you're talking about Tien Jay's tutorial...yes, it's quite possibly the best information you'll get in video form. But really, the information from the community over on gtcentral should be more than enough. You need to understand those concepts before you can really understand what's going on in the tutorial, although you'll get a great overview of those basic concepts.

Look up unity gain first and really know that concept...it will help you more than anything else.