when i'm picking the strings (as opposed to strumming) you can here on my amp a clicking sound from the plec' picking the strings.

is this cos i have a rubbish guitar or amp or am i picking to hard or what?
are you using really thin picks?

because I find they slap against the strings if you do. I usually only use 1mm and thicker sized picks. I prefer 1.14mm Dunlop picks actually.

you might want to try that.

could be a lot of things really, but I'm not sure without seeing/hearing you play so... Maybe someone else can be a bit more helpful...

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That's what makes part of the distinctive distortion in many of Metallica's songs; the pick attack, the thick strings, and the distortion. It wouldn't sound half as good without the pick attack.

If you don't want it to sound as prominent, you can lower your treble a bit.
i use 1mm dunlop picks.
n i play with treble on full n the bass n mid turned way down because it makes a pretty cool rasping screeming harsh black metal sound.

listen to maiden, especially the solo to bring your daughter to the slaughter, you can really hear janicks pick everytime it scratches the string. even in other sonbgs of theres too you can often hear harmonic like noises. their gear isnt exactly crap too
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