Hi all I am thinking of buying either a LTD Viper 400 or a LTD EC 500. I was wondering if it would be cheaper to but it online or from guitar center? According to the websites they are the same price, but i dont know if i could get a better deal by going to the store and haggling the price or somthing. I dont live in the US right now, but I am moving over in August. thanx.
Usually haggling at a big store like Guitar Center, esp. when your not buying a very expensive guitar, is pretty pointless. If you're really lucky you might get a 50 dollar discount. On the other hand, when you buy online you won't be able to play and inspect the guitar before you've purchased it. Now, most online retailers have a policy about returns that may sound great, but having to send your guitar back is a lot bigger hassle than just hanging it back on the rack in a store. If you're going to the US in August anyway, I'd recommend just going to a store and trying them out.
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thanx for the quick reply. Trying out wont be an issue, because i am going to do that here. I really was just interested if i could save any money or get a better deal in the store.
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thanx for the quick reply. Trying out wont be an issue, because i am going to do that here. I really was just interested if i could save any money or get a better deal in the store.

Even if you take two of the same models, from the same month of production, one can be great and the other can be bland. Every guitar has it's own specific feel to it, which is why I advice against buying online.
Of course, trying one out in a store can give you a general idea of wheter you like a guitar, but it's not by any means a guarantee that you'll like the guitar that arrives on your doorstep.

There are other reasons not to buy online aswell, like the fact that the transportation of your new guitar is best done by yourself and not by some uncareful UPS employee.
Also, people trying guitars in a store and then buying them online is a reason why many smaller shops are struggling.
Finally, keep in mind that the attention you and your guitar (setup) get is far greater in a shop and therefor worth the extra money.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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Guitar Center will match any price, so if you can find a lower price for the same guitar online, print it out, then bring it to Guitar Center. You can still play the guitar before you buy it, and you'll also buy it at the lowest possible price.
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I've ordered all of my gear online and plan on continuing in the future.

Why? Because they come brand new. The guitar you order online hasn't been sitting in the local Guitar Center for months, being picked up, used, dented, etc.

I don't exactly enjoy going to Guitar Center to see a guitar with loose pickups, dented headstock, and an unappealing finish being labelled as "New" for the same price it costs to buy straight from the manufacturer.

Some argue "yeah, but you see what you're getting and you can play it before you actually buy it"...but a lot of the time you notice things AFTER you actually buy them, and sure, you can return it, but then you just start the process all over again with other used guitars at the guitar shop that are advertised as new.

(Completely my opinion by the way)
I usually try out the guitars at a store and if I like it then I go to the store's website and order it.
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