I'm not good in writting lyrics, also english is not my mother language, so if you find any mistake just tell me

I Hear the Silence in Every Place
My Paranoia will raise if i keep this pace
I want scream and break the silence
But yet it breaks, the sound of violence

Running through the land
Playing Hide and Seak with Silence
I'm out of breathe, and nothing make sence

The end is near
The silence i fear
And all i can hear
is the Silent spear

The Silence is not around anymore
and i am petrified in the middle of noise core

The Hope is near
The noise i fear
And all i want hear
is the Silent spear

The end is near
and i stand with the silent spear
The silence they fear
and i will make this clear
all i want to hear
is the noise dissapear
and with the silent spear
i will slash you, till you scream for you dear

"There are times when silence has the loudest voice”

Tell me what you think
My first lyric don't be mean
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Wow, that was really good for your first lyrics. I liked the way it sounded, it actually made pretty sweet pictures in my mind. There are a few spelling errors, but other than that, it's good. keep it up!
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