when we are picking notes with our right hand (not playing legato) this picking noise comes out. whats the best way to reduce this noise? ive heard about this circular picking theory sometime back but i didnt get what it really is.
NOO... palm muting is a totally different thing. look at petrucci's picking and then steve vai, malmsteen or satriani's picking... i really love petrucci's playing but unlike the other guitarists, petrucci makes a whole lotta picking noise when he is picking
It's just to do with style and force used to pick. Satriani has a very gentle picking technique for example, whereas if you look at Tony Iommi he's got a hard pick attack that gives a different effect.
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yeah the harder you pick the more pick noise will be produced. a lighter handed pick technique is desireable to minimize this. i have a pretty light handed pick attack in general but depending on how into i get i can really knock the cr@p outta my strings.
Some pick noise is inevitable. Just play with a different touch. Good Luck
Petrucci and other professional guitarist including malmsteen, vai and satriani as well make a lot of pick's noise cause they use a lot of gain. I think is inevitable.
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^ i've never heard much from any of their tutorial videos. playing with a lighter touch should more or less remedy your problem, combine that with a light noise gate and go over your eq as well, pick noise comes in thru a certain EQ range, if you can deaden that range a little it will lighten the effect of it (but make sure it doesn't kill your tone too)