So, I know this guy that is selling his Fender malibu, but it looks nothing like a fender malibu except the headstock, and the shape ofc. It also has a pickguard wich they normally don't (i think). But the weirdest thing: it's in sunburst which I like though, but I haven't seen one singe malibu sunburst on the net.

here are some pics:

he also gave me the serial number: 6486377
but as far as I know you can't date fender accoustics with serial numbers right?

He's selling this for 250€ with case, and this would be my first accoustic, but I've been playing electric for a while now, so I want a decent accoustic to start with.
I would like to know whether this is a good buy or not.


oh, yeah forgot to mention. Another problem is, it's like an 2 hour drive. And since I don't have a car (failed my practical exam :p) I have to go by train which will take 3 - 3.5 hours. And if I go there just to test it, and it sucks I have wasted 28 € on train money. I have played a new Fender Malibu and I liked, so I just want to know if it's a malibu, because it looks alot like a crappy fender CD-60 with another headstock.
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