Anyone got any info on the metal muff? I'll be using it for bass and wanna know how much low end it will cut out ect....I know the russian green big muffs are apperently the way to go but i dont trust Ebay. Thanks
I don't think the metal muff will work well with a bass, its a distortion pedal not a fuzz pedal. I don't like the sound of a bass too distorted, but try it out and see for yourself.
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If you know how to use eBay, it works fine, especially with electronics.
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I have one and use for guitar, it's extremely bassy. But I've never tried it with a bass.
It has alot of midrange and trebley growl when you play with a bass, mind you, I'm playing with active J-pickups and my tone knob on full. With a bit of tweaking, I'm sure you could get a good Rage against The Machine style bass growl out of it, but not much more than that. I would go with a Big Muff, or if you've got the money, a Sanford and Sonny Blue Beard Fuzz, which are supposed to be the the holy grail of bass fuzzes. (No if only I could figure out where to get one).

EDIT: You come across as a black sabbath fan, I would deffinitley get the Big Muff then, much more versatile. The only thing the Metal Muff could do for you is add a bit of growl to your sound.

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