iv been playing electric for about a year and 6 months now and still have a strat copy, im gonna buy i new guitar, i can get any guitar from this page, so far its the epi g400 but give me some ideas of whats the best then i can try them out. i play different genres, metallica, ac/dc, modest mouse, jimi hendrix ect
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Yamaha RGX 320 FZ is my vote. Yamaha's play the best out of any beginner guitar I've ever played (other than OLP) Its real, quality tone wood too, and no horrible locking tremolo system to throw you out of tune and be a complete hassle with.
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i'd personally take the epi.
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I'm big on Dean, very versatile and durable. My Veendetta 3 has gotten me outta a few jams in my day...
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Well if you want a cool looking guitar take YOUR pick as only you can say whats cool to you. If you want a guitar thats versitile and plays well and sounds good get a yamaha pacifica.
yea im either gonna go for the epi or an ibanez, which is the best sounding ibanez? the rg321?