Hey guys I was wondering wats the best Amp For small Gigs and band practices my price range is 100-200 dollars
Buy a small, nice amp (vow valvtronix) and mic it.
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for what music?

Try making this thread in the GG&A section- you'll get better responses
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Buy a small, nice amp (vox valvtronix) and mic it.

+1, but fixed lol, he might go searching for a "vow" amp if he's never heard of vox.

this is probably already being asked, but what style(s) of music do you play?
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Buy a small, nice amp (vow valvtronix) and mic it.

I'd agree, but for practices too. He'd need a 50 watt amp at least to be heard over a drummer. Maybe invest in something else, but what music do you play, TS?
hard rock/metal??

a Roland Cube 60 would be by far your best bet...may have to extend your budget, but anything else is a waste of that money...

The VoxAD series is a good amp, but the Cube will excel for hard rock and metal
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isnt the new vox xl valvatronix series is out now? i think that would be the best bet, its meant to have more gain and i assume its more versatile
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