I have Tele Thinline(Squier) and I'm looking to upgrade. I mainly play metal but from time to time, I'll play the blues. Please help.
so, you probably need humbuckers...

have you looked at the guitars used by bands you like??

how much do you have to spend??

what amp do you have??

what kind of blues do you want to play...is it gotta be real clean, or can it be dirty??

If i'm correct, i believe Iommi uses an SG if your after his tone...(just thought i'd throw it in there)..and that may be my suggestion as it will play aggressive blues just fine, and do metal with great upper access and whatnot...
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do EXACTLY what rock savior said.


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Ibanez S series, ..as you have a thin guitar already, you wont feel much difference in the body.
Les Paul never fails, but I'd say a Fender Tele would probably be good. I've seen bluesmen play it as well as a good number of metalcore and metal bands. But if you want a different look, I'd go with Les Paul or an Ibanez or something.
Savior, my Tele has Duncans(forgot to mention), Mustaine and Dime play Deans(Have my heart set on a dime o flame), I've got about a $800 budget, I have a decent 20 watt Marshall, and for blues I play SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Floyd, Zeppelin etc.