So i have an ESP LTD F-series and i love it, but i just realized that it has no area to place my whammy bar in. is there any way i can fix it or buy something for it so it can have a whammy bar hole thingy?
If its TOM get a Bigsby
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well actually no, you cant change it unless you are to change the entire body, you see, if your guitar as no hole to put in the whammy bar, it means you probably have a fixed bridge, and if I remember correctly, at the bottom of the whammy bar is a cut off space so the bridge can dive in, and since a fixed bridge does not have that kinda hole, its impossible to turn a fixed bridge into a floyd rose bridge...However, if you would settle for a hardtail ( a whammy bar that can go down, but not up, and its not that easy to move) then that can be arranged if im not mistaken.

sorry dude, but the real moral is you ought to look at your guitar before buying it
No rly?

Ya rly.
heck, they even make kahlers that drop directly into TOM studs. how easy can it get?
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^im pretty sure they still require top routing
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