Hey im a beginner player, ive been playing guitar for about 1 1/2 years now and i have been thinking about upgrading my pickups on my squier fat strat. While I like to play metal/rock on my guitar, I am thinking of dedicating this guitar for playing at my church band. I was just wondering what kind of pickups are good for clean's? Ive searched around on these forums, heard good things about GFS. My friend also suggested Lace sensors or Noisless. I honestly have no idea on what is right. The amp im using is the Vox AD15VT.
It would be more worth it just to buy a new guitar man, for the noiseless or lace sensors, it's going to cost more than the guitar itself to get those pickups, Just go to a fender fat strat if thats what your looking for, or an Ibanez with a double single one double.