So I've got a Gibson J-45 I do most of my work on. Good with the songwriting, decent player, but !@#$ if I know anything about taking care of this bird. Ever since the heat's come (maybe a little earlier in winter, even), her neck's been real sticky. Not like glue or anything, but it's unpleasant to play on. I wipe her down constantly, but the Ernie Ball Polish Cloth doesn't do much. There's a lot of sweat I really have to work to almost scrape off, and I generally just want her to feel smooth again.

So what should I do now and on a regular basis to keep better care of her? Any cloths, polishes, cleaning techniques, etc.? Any info. will help, and obviously the more the merrier.

Many thanks.
put a peice of masking tape on the first fret and rub it with very fine steel wool . and just move the tape down each fret.