Playing on my PS3 moments ago, I tried to play a PS1 game (What? The PS1 is a legend console ). Anyway, my PS3 is from Hong Kong, as it is about 1/2 the price there and my grandad has a friend who lives there. Anyway, the disc would not play as there are "reigon restrictions". So I think 'OK, let's try a PS2 game'. And there are the same restrictions. Are there the restrictions on PS3 games????
The Blu-Ray discs are non-region encrypted.

The PS1, PS2 and DVD discs, however, still are.
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OK, thanks. I was worried any games that I got from the UK would not work on my console. Is there any way to un-encrypt the cd's?

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This happens for all foreign technology which is region encrypted. You should have gotten a PS3 here, and researched such things prior to buying.
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OK, aparently there are no compatible Action replay devices with the PS3. But thanks anyway guys, this has helped a lot.
I suppose if you were really tech-savvy, you could install Linux onto your PS3 harddrive, then install a PS1 emulator inside Linux and get access to PS1 games. Idk if theres a stable Ps2 emulator for Linux at this point tho...
You need to update the firmware (to 1.81) before you can play PS1 + 2 games. If you have the internet on your PS3 it should tell you to update. If not you need a router to set it all up.
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