I'm looking to upgrade to a new bass after having played for 3-4 years on my cheap stagg. I have looked over the internet and the Warwick corvette $$ and American p bass seem to stand out and are both around the right price range. If anyone has any advice on which one to get or want to suggest a different bass of around that price I would much appreciate it. (price anything around 1,400$)
oh god..... the corvette dude.... i wouldnt even blink about such a choice (for me at least)...

by the way, what kinda music do you play?
Look at Lakland and Musicman basses as well for that price range. And don't forget Rickenbacker.
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the corvette $$ is one hot ass bass. it has beautiful tone and handles beutifully. i love it. and i only got to play it once!
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Those are two very very different basses. I own an American P-Bass and am not a fan of warwick basses but I will try and be unambiguous here. They would both suit metal/heavy rock styles very well, THE classic rock tone is a precision bass strung with flats but the corvette is much more versatile but that is not to say the precision bass is a one-trick pony. The warwick has a deep growl whereas the precision bass has a very middy punch.

Both have fat necks, the warwick I have found to have a little less radius on the fingerboard than the precision.

The warwick is very ergonomically designed and from my experiences they both sit well on a strap.

I play loads of different styles from metal to jazz and my precision bass will fit into any of them fine. I have played a corvette and I found it had a much more "modern" sound to it.

Edit: Didn't see it was the $$ you wanted, when I tried the $$ out, I couldn't see it fitting into styles like jazz, it seemed designed for the metal/rock bass player but I didn't play around with it too much.
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i, too, played a corvette the other day... god, what a beast... and so versatyle...... the neck on mine feels better, but it still plays great...
Precision all the way. That $$ would be nice, but it's just not for me. That's why I suggest that you try them out if you can.
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i actually like the warwick corvettes with jazz pickups ALOT more.......but if thats what you want...
I own the American Precision and love it to death, but betwixt those two I'd have to betray my love and go for the Corvette $$. But if I had a choice between the 'wick and a G&L L2000, I'd take the latter.
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It's a stupid comparison - these are very different basses. If you're not sure between these then you shouldn't be spending that much on a bass.
I would seriously look at Music Man Stingrays and Bongos.
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As already said, they are very different beasts. I love both Corvettes and Precisions for very different reasons. If you haven't played them yet since you've only seen them online... you should try them. They are both quite common second hand.

The Corvette is more flexible in terms of what it can do and sit well in a lot of situations. But the Precision does what it does fantastically well. To my ears, few things beat the punch of a slightly overdriven Precision with a good dose of compression.

Also as others have said, Lakland Skylines and Musicman also sit in this price range and are definately worth considering.

I guess the most important thing is to consider what style of music you'll be playing and how you see your tone in that context.
They are both very nice basses and you can't go wrong either way. However the basses are so different in design and tone that it is slightly rediculous to ask us which is the better bass. Noone here is going to say that either is not a quality instrument so really it all comes down to what YOU are looking for. We can't tell you which bass to buy, if possible pick up as much playing time on both basses as possible. You cannot know exactly how you will feel about a bass until you play it. I (as you can probably tell from my title) am a big advocator of Warwick basses. They are extremely well made and in most cases have a great deal of versatility, however many people dislike the Warwick neck (especially those who have become used to ibanez-type failed guitarist necks) and therefore Warwicks aren't for everyone. You really just have to find a way to try out both basses.
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I really really like the feel of Warwicks. The bolt on with the precision isn't fantastic feeling but no bass sounds like a precision. That deep sexy growl... oh yes. Precision bass make sexy time music! Very nice! (the borat thing is old I know but I couldn't resist)

Then again I'm biased because I'm a Maiden head.
I would definately go for the $$, but I've never been a fan of Precisions and I love that warwick growl.
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well, Fender is pretty good, and I think the P bass would be more versatile than the $$, But the $$ gives a much more powerful tone, better for more modern music like metal. I'd say get the corvette standard, it's more versatile than the $$ and still has the warwick growl.
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I would seriously look at Music Man Stingrays and Bongos.

DO THIS!!!!!!!!

Stingrays and Bongo kick ass.
I play mostly rock music if that helps. Thanks for all your replies and advice.
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I dont know if you got a good amp but if you dont spend at least half the money on a amp and the rest on a bass. Its no point to have a +1000 dollar bass if only got a cheap poor amp...
the warwicks.... have a more versatyle tone.... you can go from very bright to very warm and stuff in between in a matter of seconds.......

the precision is not nearly as versatyle.... they have punchy warm tones, although with the right EQ you can get brighter out of it...

if you can afford it, i'd say for go the warwick without a doubt... when you hold those things you feel like its one piece of wood only, theyre great...

i'd still recommend the warwicks with jazz pickups, thsoe are not as good or versatyle...
i personally find the warwick corvettes WAY better then those....but if thats what you really want... you should be sure first though...
Someone said I'd need a better amp aswell with a bass worth that much money. Any suggestions on model or how many watts it should have?
depends.....how much money are you willing to spend? (on the amp only)... and what kinda sound/tone do you want?
Well, I'd say around 400$ max only anything above that if it's really worth it. I'm also leaning towards the warwick at the moment so anything that would work well with that. At the moment I've got my eye on a 180 watt Ashdown and the 150 watt warwick sweet 15.2, any recommendations?
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Warwick for rock

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You have picked 2 very interesting basses in the sense that their sound is very much dictated by their pickups. I own a Fender Precision and it's pickup is very sensitive to string type, right hand attack, and left hand subtleties. A P-Bass with flats has a totally different tone than a P-Bass with rounds, and simply rolling off the tone changes the sound even further. However, each sound the P-Bass has is very much a P-Bass sound. The sounds are totally different, but they still fall under the P-Bass heading. It'll never sound like a Jazz, for example, but you can get different flavours.

The Corvette $$ on the other hand has the same feature. I'm sorry, but all humbuckers on bass sound the same to me. The neck humbucker sounds the same as the bridge humbucker, except the neck favours fatness, while the bridge favours bite. This difference is slight, however, since the pickups are side by side. Yeah, there are coil taps, and all sorts of features, but I've never ever been able to escape that 'bally' 'marbly' and 'round' (but not P-Bass round, as in full) tone of a humbucker (listen to the bridge section of By The Way). In my experience, I found that the P-Bass's single pickup brands the tone of the bass less than the humbucker brands the tone of the Warwick $$. Not only do both humbuckers sound the same on the bass, they sound the same on other basses, in my experience. I A/B'd the $$ against a ProLine and ultimately settled on the ProLine and strung it BEAD.

EDIT: I would definitely recommend an active Corvette Standard or ProLine over the $$ without blinking. A neck pickup sounds nothing like the bridge pickup which sounds nothing like both blended.

But, in the end, like people said, they are 2 totally different basses; it's like comparing a Hummer (the good one) to a Dodge Viper. The P-Bass is better suited for more straight ahead rock playing, no slap, and not much extreme soloing (with a 20 fret neck). The $$ is more suited for nu-music, slap and pop, and edgier things... just be prepared to have the same governing sound over all those styles. It's downsized body 24 fret neck feel totally different than a P-Bass, and I know this first-hand.

About the necks; yes, but basses have large necks. The P has a larger nut width than the $$, and you can tighten the string spacing even further on the $$. However, the Warwick has a much deeper profile than the P, especially at the 12th fret. However, I'm still a firm believer that you will get used to either neck (especially the Warwick, which I think is the best in the business), and I also believe that the only thing that should be touching the back of the neck is your thumb (with good technique), so you probably won't even have to get used to it.
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