it's a choice i have to make, need advice


ive been offered an Xbox 360 with call of duty 2 and amped 3 for £175.

if i buy this my mum said i have to get rid of my PS2 which i have at least 30 games for, 2 pads, racing wheel, gun and was connected online. most of the availible accessories.

my problems is, is it worth selling my huge PS2 stock for the xbox or not?

taking into consideration

- costs of buyin another pad and increasin my game collection on xbox
- costs of connecting to xbox live
- how much more i need for xbox
- i should wait until i get enough to buy more bundled stuff???

it's pretty stupid thread but im stuck on this one.....
Buy the 360 with additional funds and smuggle the PS2 to a friend's house and later smuggle it back. Foolproof!

Just make sure this doesn't happen:

Cause then your fucked.
No it 's not worht it. Trust me I have xbox 360 and it's not that fun rlly. like therse some cool games like gears of war and oblivion, and some other games but u should like wait till like some rlly good games come out like fable 2, halo 3, gta 4, and all that other **** case then u won't get bored and regret having a ps2 to fall back on
Keep the PS2. X-Box 360 Isn't that much better then a PS2, granted its worth the £2-300 people pay for them but its not worth all that PS2 stuff.

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w8 till the 360 game wave comes (micro soft is gunna reakese a bunch o games like BAM BAM BAM BAM...BAAAAM!)
all around the same time.(apperently)
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Just tell your mom to screw off and say you can do what you want with your own money.
Keep the stock she just said you have to get rid of the ps2 right? Then have her buy the xbox360 and buy another ps2 from one of your friends.

BTW , what kind of mom would do that? That's like picking one of your children and sending the other one to death. Not cool.
stick with the ps2 (play more megaman also)

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