put some stuff on the roller bit below the pedal. This aint a great description of what im trying to say but on my wah pedal it has white gooey ****e to smoothly move the pedal up and down - you need to get urself some lubrication.
Haha, thats an awesome sound. Obviously not if you want wah, but it'd make another cool effect. Probably just needs to be greased up or WD40, or something to lubricate the joint.
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aaahh, love the sound, liek rubber against metal^^
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ha ive had this happen two different ways, once during huge performance also, change the battery, and two make sure you have input and output right, also if theres a staticky noise behind it tighten the input nut
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i didnt watch the video tho so i dont know if its the same problem
Nah, it's physically sqeuaking. At first I thought that was coming out of the amp, and I was like, "what the hell!?" But, yeah, lubing it up sounds like your solution, but I don't have any personal experience with wahs, so..
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