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If it has flat sides then id say use a power drill and put support behind it. Maybe one of those pointy dremel tool grinders would work better and have less chance of cracking it? not the cyllinder ones but the ones with a point. hope that helped just a little.
diamond drill bit, theyre kind of expensive but useful for making bongs (im assuming thats what you want to do).
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...Drilling a hole in glass is tough. Glass is harder than metal. Like the guy before said, diamond drill bits.
There is special bits for glass... You generally need to set up some cooling system as well the glass only shatters cause it gets hot, so drilling in water or something is generallyy done.

edit: +1 on him making a bong ahah
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Yeah, use the diamond bit. Anything else, as soon as you're through the glass it shatters. Presumably if you hold it under water it doesn't but if you want to be retarded enough to hold an electric drill under water go right ahead