The minor pentatonic, the minor scale and harmonic minor is what comes to mind.

I concur.
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I agree with minor pentatonic.
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I have another question about scales. Please check out the link above...

See the part that says chords, which has all the letters from C to B? I know they are the root notes, but what is the difference between say a major pentatonic in E and a major pentatonic in G for example?

The difference is the notes in the scale.
The major pentatonic scale uses the intervals 1 2 3 5 6
In E this would be:
E F# G# B C#

And in G, the major pentatonic is:
G A B D E.


Check out the sticky to learn more on theory.
if you listen to metalCORE, then chromatic, because its the easiest, beginners use it for warm ups and dont even realise.
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I don't agree with that last post really, I don't think the chromatic scale is prevalent in metalcore.
Minor pentatonics, and say in jazz choromatics are more used, in both chord progressions and lead playing...
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Know your theory, then play like you don't.

chromatic scales are used a decent amount too. not nearly as much as pentatonic, but you know...

I personally don't even like using the scales. ARPEGGIOS!!!!!
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Depends on what kind of metal. Harmonic minor and minor, of course, but there's also diminished scales, a lot of Phrygian like someone mentioned, and occasionally something like an Egyptian scale(Nile!).
Guess the minors play a big role
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