just picked up 3 pedals today to compliment my week old peavey JSX... very niiiice

Boss Super Octave
killerrrrrrrr, my new fav. so fat sounding

Boss Delay (DD-6)
massive tweakage-ness on this thing. reverse delay, 5 second looping, tap tempo, and mad settings with delay time and feedback

MXR Phase 90
Delish. Warm and gooey, best when served with cold milk

to top it off, the delay has stereo outputs and i can run one with my AVT. not the greatest amp but it still gives me a pretty huge sound with 2 amps

My setup is now officially disgusting, I just need to save up for my explorer to make it the choice of the gods
Austin Les Paul rip-off that sounds really nice
Gibson V
hmm...you could have done better, but i bet it sounds pretty good
Got any clips?
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How are you liking your JSX?

I my JSX
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I my peavey, both the guitar, and the 2 amps. I'm getting a JSX eventually.
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yea i love the jsx, so gnarly.
no clips or pics yet. i'll probably do some recording soon so i'll see if i can get these effects in there
Austin Les Paul rip-off that sounds really nice
Gibson V
Wow....lots of hearts in this thread.....

I think I might pick up a Boss Super Shifter in the future when I get a new amp and a fuzz pedal.
what does a super shifter do?
and what amp are you looking at?
Austin Les Paul rip-off that sounds really nice
Gibson V
From what I read, the Super Shifter pitch shifts, harmonizes, and simulates a tremolo arm. I'm gonna start up a trippy as hell band and I want a pedal that will harmonize octaves but also shift them to octaves.

As for amp, the current eye candy is an old Ampeg V4 Head from the 70's, but they are hard to come by for cheap. Also looking at old Silvertone heads, but I'm hesitant about it.