A purely instrumental solo piece in open tuning designed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Orient.

This 11-minute piece is meant to be somewhat of a spiritual journey, one that will hopefully remove you from the stressful world of modern Western society for a while. This is definitely one of those musical moments that requires you to just close your eyes, sit back, and relax in your chair - otherwise, you won't get the intended listening experience.


Btw, it's got quite a lengthy intro - it's like two minutes before the song actually starts to get going. Feedback on whether I should shorten/eliminate/keep the into would be appreciated.

Also, don't hesitate to tell me if an extended open tuning solo-string-melody piece like this just doesn't work. I personally like it, but as a songwriter it's always hard to evaluate your own work objectively.

Crit for crit.
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Pretty relaxing man kinda long for my tastes. But the song was pretty chill

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I'll crit this as I go along.
I don't know exactly how far I am in the intro, but it's about where the guitar hits the lower string every few beats or whatever (I'm bad at descriptions). This intro is fucking brilliant, though. For whatever reason I was almost moved to tears by it; I'm normally not like this, but it's just a really, really damn good intro.
This is all very relaxing, but it's in exactly a sort of style that I like (but can't quite put my finger on... hmm, perplexing, isn't it?). Your completely palm-muted no-note chug thingies remind me of Modest Mouse. Maybe that's partially why I enjoy this so much; I find vague traces of Modest Mouse in it (me personally; no one else probably would).
Nice usage of harmonics! I'm loving this stuff!
Wow, it's relaxing for sure, but it's also incredibly interesting. Most pieces like that which are longer and take more time to build up always interest me more than shorter ones. Excellent job, says I. 10/10, I think (so rare from me!)
i like this. the atmosphere i think you were trying to express definately comes through. i do think it could probably be shortened thought, and still get the same point across. and i'd maybe add a couple more things going on. though i, at the same time, like that this is just a single guitar. maybe a few different instruments. but really wonderful job though, it's great.

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thanks for the crit

this song has a really cool sound to it and gets the mood you're looking for. The guitar tone is really solid. I agree with riaghan that a couple of instruments thrown in would help - it will help break up the song more. For example, where it starts to pick up more at around the halfway mark, some world-style percussion would sound really awesome. Also, it is a little long, not just because its 11 minutes, but because it pretty much stays with the same theme the whole time - maybe have a contrasting section or something. Overall, I liked it, and it definitely got that mood you were writing about - there's just a few things that you could do to make it even better.
Well I'm listening to this as I type and I must say, so far it doesn't really remind me of much Oriental music that I've heard. The open tuning gives it a sort of goal-less feel, as if there's not really anywhere the music will go beyond that, and I think that serves as a relaxing element by sort of disinvolving the listener. Also I'm pretty sure I just made up a word there. Did you improv the melody line? I could totally see someone just sitting down with their guitar in open D for 11 minutes and improving this whole thing. Not in a bad way though. I think it sounds pretty good for what it is, and I think it delivers what you advertised, all except for the "Oriental" feel of it. I would recommend listening to maybe some real Shakuhachi flute playing if you'd like to get the feel of Oriental melodies. That stuff is sick. Ok, I'm starting to get a little bit of the Oriental feel here at the "climax" part where you're strumming pretty hard, I think because the rhythm is sort of choppy at this part and it sounds great. Well that goal-less aspect that I referred to sort of makes me want to do something else besides listen to the whole thing right now. This is the type of thing that I suppose you might want to listen to if you just wanted to disengage your mind and breathe really slowly for a while. You've achieved your goal, so well done.

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