My new band, The Brooke Shields Alphabet

the name is based on us just seeing that apparantly in london recently that very name has started cropping up in the form of graffitti everwhere, even in some cities in and around europe, the strangeness of it amused us...

besides the music thats there theres quite a few full videos of us live in the videos section, which is a better representaition of us, its kinda a bit of funky rock and jazz stuff

i play keyboard in it

anyway, go forth and look

Got some more mp3s and videos up, so more comments are welcome

and thanks (for the 1 comment)
By and large all the instruments compliment each other well, which is an achievement with so many instruments in the band and the vocals are unique and powerful.
I love the bass, especially on Cerdes, the vocals on that song are also my favourite of the 3 songs with vocals.
Antimatter Paneer creates a really odd, out of this world sort of effect which, judging by the song title, was its intention. Sometimes the instruments clashed a bit in places on this song but that may have been the intention. There are also some jumps in dynamics which sound a bit awkward, but that may be intentional as well.
Cosmik Debris reminds me a bit of a mix between The Jimi Hendrix Experience and....something else I can't quite place my finger on.

Overall, some very decent stuff there.
I'm really diggin the Procol Harum cover, man!

WEll I have to go right now, so I can't go in depth. Don't worry, I will later toniight.

Untilll then, crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=626285
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