(seriously, i didn't know about the ebay thing!, i guess i cant read.. ha ha ha)

eniway, thanks for the other people for support..

thanks ChaoticVengence ,Dark Aegis ,

hamish5178 - thanks ... i am selling the guitar because as cool as it looks and great sounding as it is, i realized its not the guitar for me... its better off with someone who will play it and use it to its full advantage and not just sit in my basement...
of course it will be a cool collectors guitar as well but i am not a collector but a player.. hence since i wont be playing it too much , i will let someone else play her..

thanks xburnitdownx

This is why I love to hate this place. I enjoy the numbers and the quantities of stuff. Yet there are more assholes number for number here than anywhere else.volt, that is one AMAZING guitar. I will be watching.

Sid, your an ass. Your the kind of guy who write down license plate numbers to report tail light outages. Who the hell made you the enforcer?

Hamish if you knew anything about Orville guitars, you wouldn'[t make such a dumbass statement. Orville and Burny (BOTH OWNED BY GIBSON) are some of the best guitars ever made. Along with Greco and a few other imports of this caliber. Because you don't know and make such comments you make yourself look really dumb.

PLEASE STOP bitchin about other peoples threads. If you have no constructive input just leave it alone please.

Good luck volt, sweet guitar man.

(my apologies for the rant)

ha ha, thanks sumphead...
hopefully it will sell well..