I'm torn between three guitars. I play Power Metal, Folk Metal, Classic Rock, and plain Metal.

Guitar 1

I like the Floyd, but it has one pickup. Is this bad? (I hate COB)

Guitar 2

I would like a seven string, and this has EMGs.

Guitar 3

Again, I would like a seven string, but are the pickups crap?
Schecter ftw.
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The Alexi Laiho one is good but it has a licensed FR, so it's sort of a waste.

Go with the Schecter. The Ibanez is good and all but the Schecter has EMGs
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I would say the schecter. And say the Pickups are crap. You get it. They sound good? Keep them. They sound bad? Replace them.
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forst off, what kind of classic rock, like harder (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) or less harder (kansas, Foreigner)

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OK for everyone the schecter is a baritone as with the 26.5 inch scale so unless you like B tunings and lower constantly id steer away. The pickups are also EMG passives so not the best ive heard but not tooo bad then again they aint nothing to a SD.

The RG is nice and can be modded very easily and is supposedly nice to play on. Pickups are Ibanezs own so they usually pathetic IMO others will say otherwise. Fixed bridge for stable tuning and better sustain. Wizard necks are either you love em or hate em as they are very thin and many people cant use em well.

The ESP is neck thru so good sustain already. the materials used aint bad the bridge could be better with an OFR and the pickups could be better as they are again Passive EMG. Single pickup will limit your tone options.