Well, I have a Fender PROROC 700, and I'm happy with the amp, I just want a distortion (or some other) pedal that can somehow amplify pinch harmonics (if possible) or make them stand out more. I got a budget of about £50-70.
Thanks for any help
I dont know about others, but from what I know, BOSS pedals are cheap but seem to do the trick for me.
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well if you want your harmonics to realllly stand out try a digitech grunge pedal. I played my friend's at a gig (through his behringer cabinet.. that probably helped) and harmonics really stood out


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^boss ds 2

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^boss ds 2


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What price range is "really cheap", to you?

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and from the looks of it, I should go for a Boss DS-1 or 2, but which one?

I was also looking at the Digitech Death Metal, would that be of any use?
You could always try a Big Muff, or Metal Muff from Electro-Harmonix
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Wait, if you like the distortion already on your amp and want your harmonics to stand out, get an overdrive pedal to run in front of the amp to boost the distortion channel. If this be the case, try the Boss Overdrive pedal (not sure the model). However, if you want an overall distortion (and I'll assume you want metal) Then look into saving up for a Eletro Harmonix Metal Muff, I heard its the BEST distortion pedal for metal. It comes with a top boost which should "enhance your pinch harmonics".
treble boosters would help the harmonics.
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technique. treble will help only to a small extent, and you'd need some technique first anyway.