What other forums besides UG do you belong to? I personally belong to project-guitar and guitargeek. What about you?
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I belong to every forum ever made. Infact I dont, only a small percentage.
Hoodoo you do Mr. Bellamy

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Chamber of secrets cosforums, the official muggle.net forums lol. don't laugh. I just like Harry Potter. I'm also part of ytv forum but it's so lame like the pit is the best forum out there. UG poeple are like the kind of ppl i want to be and that's why I come here because you guys are so smart and i learn a lot of new things and ideas and opinions that you guys have and you guys help me be a better man or else I would still be a momma's boy.
im not sure about mentioning a general forum name (mods can you clear it up for me? ) but linking i know is definatly not allowed so you might wanna take that out mate
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I belong to 6 other guitar oriented forums, but I spend most of my time on UG.

Which forums? I won't can't tell you! I'm an international man of mystery and intrigue.

Actually I could tell you, but then I'd have to...

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