I was bored one day and i thought to make a mini strat just for fun. it looked really good and i thought i could make some more and sell them, they look really nice and i thought i might be able to sell a few. post if you would want one so i can know if i should make more, if you want i could make sg lg or any other well known guitar shape.
what they made of? Alder, basswood, plywood, pasta, earwax, cacti, kittens???

And how little we talking here - like, 3/4 or half size? Or like, really small...maybe teaspoon sized? Or even smaller, like a bit bigger than a ladybird?

Pics would be nice too, although I expect that's too much to hope for...
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i think to have any hope of getting anyone interested, nevermind actually sell on, you'd need to give detailed specs and some pics
maple, or other cheap wood with a nice grain, there about 2 feet long i think, and my digital camera cant sit on a boat while im fishing in the sun without breaking i guess so i might muster up a nother one but probabally not sorry, ill update it if i can get pics,
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there just decorational and probabally wouldnt be painted (wood laquer )i still havent figured out what i should do for frets though suggestions please, pickups are a ? mark too