tell me when its visible so I wont have to listen to this god awful song please
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I think it looks like the Mike Dirnt precision. I'm almost positive I'm wrong though.

EDIT: Hell yeah! I was right for once.
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Probably a Fender P-Bass. Judging from the the style and popularity of the band it's probably a MIA (Made in America) Fender P-Bass. It looks a bit yellow, kind of like the Artic White on the MIM (Made in Mexico) Deluxe Fender Series. I may have glanced at a second pickup, which could mean its a new or old Fender MIA P-Bass. The older version had a Jass pickup, while the new one has a humbucker.

In any case, assume it's a yellowish MIA Fender P-Bass

Edit: That's the second bass, the one your talking about (Around 37 Seconds) is a Fender Mike Dirnt Signature Bass, with a black finish.
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its just an old school p-bass, 51 springs to mind. but yea, dirnsts (or whatever the hell his name is) has the same pickguard
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I think it looks like the Mike Dirnt precision. I'm almost positive I'm wrong though.

No, I think you're right.
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Of course you have to watch the video in freeze frame just to catch one bad glimpse of the bass player.
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yup yup, Fender Mike Dirnt Signature Precision Bass

and the second bass looks to me like a Fender FSR Standard Precision Bass