basically I have 2 old speaker cabs that I wanna wire up to my VJ, But I don't know how to plug them in. I they're both 16 ohms, with rca jacks for outputs. Then I have a 2 rca plugs to 1 1/8th inch jack converter cable. I will plug the 1/8th inch jack into an eighth to quarter inch converter, then plug it into the back of my vj, but the question is, which ohmage?

If it is supposed to be 32 ohms then can I plug one of the cabs into one of the rca jacks on the converter cable, then leave the other one blank?

I actually wrote a thing on cabinet wiring in the tutorials thread (at the top of the main GB&C page), so you can have a look there if you're getting a bit confused with series and parallel wiring.
What I'd be doing is removing the RCA jacks from the speakers. Wire both speakers in parallel (again, look at the tutorial), which will give you an overall impedance of 8 ohms.
It's silly using converters as they could be bumped loose, which could lead to you blowing the output transformer on the VJ. At least if the wire is soldered to the speakers and then connected with a instrument cable, there's less of a chance of this happening.
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