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How do you do it? I don't really know how to go out and find people who I would play well with in a band or anything. Any suggestions?
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Go to your local music stores and post some posters or something saying what you're looking for (as in band mate), what skills they need to have, what type of music you play, etc.

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If your school (if you are in school) has a music room. Go in at lunch and play your guitar. You are bound to have a few other players stop by and show their skills. Then ask them if they want to jam out sometime.
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1. Meet people. (If you don't have a life, get one. It helps immensely)
2. Talk to aforementioned people. (Take note to which of said people are musically inclined)
3. Invite musically inclined people to take part in a band.

If that's too confusing, just tell me.
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