Please help me. In the past I have only been using power tab for reading power tab files that i download from ultimate guitar. I have decided that I would like to write something now, although I have realized there is a small problem with this "writing something". I don't know how to use Power tab. Can someone here please explain how to put note in? I think I should be able to work it out from there, I couldn't find out how by looking in the power tab help, and I already tried a google search, and that didn't work, and I also used the search bar here.
click on the line relating to the string, and input the number from the keyboard according to what fret you want. If you don't understand music, (time sig, key sig, note values) I suggest you learn that before attempting to write with powertab.
just type the number of the fret played on to the line corresponding with the string plucked
and go to the bottom to decide what length note you want (whole, eighth, quarter, etc)