Hey, whats the name of the harmonics that Eric Johnson does in manhattan, in the verse just before the chorus? (1:04-1:08)

A visible example is in this cover i found, by a player called gustavo guerra : Manhattan Cover

In the video, he part where he does the harmonics is at 1:24-1:28

What type of harmonics are these? How do i perform them? it seems like hes doing a specific position with his left hand while touching some harmonics..not sure, explain anyone?
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He's just doing tap-harmonics, from the looks of it.

...and how do u do these?
Fret anywhere on the fret board, then tap lightly over the fret wire 12 frets up the neck from that fret. Examples of this also include The conjuring by megadeth and Dance the night away by Van Halen.
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