I remember going to the fields to play every weekend a couple years ago, but for some reason nobody around here i know seems to go... I recall it's probably the most expensive hobby i've been into, buying $500 plus guns and equipment, crazy.

Is paintball dead?
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no there was a paintball tourny near my house and it went of for 4 days it looks pretty cool too. a whole bunch of people came from all over
In some areas, there's just no real support or enthusiasm for the sport, like my town. We scrounge around for hidden fields and such, and scrape together cash for a couple games on a weekend or so.

Most of the metropolitan areas have official courses and teams, so there's tons of players there. Maybe your area is just similar to mine, and there's just not enough people or support for paintball.
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I play occasionally, but not enough. I was going to buy a new gun recently, but I think I'm gonna go for a new guitar instead.

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My backup plan if I can't make it as a musician is to buy an abandoned apartment building and turn it into one huge 10 story paintball-battlefield wonderland.
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Yeah the guy that owned the local paintball shop and ran the fields quit to "make a family". So basically, he quit the duty so he could get some booty. Anyway, he was an awesome guy - really connected with the customers. Now the shop's owned by a bunch of arrogant noobs that can't fill a damn tank right, take a month to fix a gun... you get the idea. That's why half of our paintball population is gone. I'll probably be getting back into it when i'm older, with a steady income to support all the expenses - it's way too fun to not play... great rush.
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We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.