How hard would you rate Unholy Confessions?
(yes I copy and pasted the title)

I mean the song as a whole, not just the intro.
not that hard actually although it changes so much that its kinda hard to remember the timing and stuff. ive only played guitar for a year and a half and i can play it full speed with only a few mistakes
probably a beginner song, just closer to the intermediate level....if you get what i mean
Been playign since 10 months and I was able to play it on my 7th month... (except for the harmonic in the verses) but yea... i would say its kinda beginner-intermediatish...
well ive been practicing it for an hour or two and i think ill have it(besides the harmonics) down within a day or two... none of it seems hard that i can tell... i just have to speed up. im at around 3 mos of playing so i would say that it is quite a beginner tab... that's fast