hey guys I would really appreciate if you could help me with my lyrics, it's the first song that I've ever attempted to write so any help would be awesome.

Please Just Let Me Go

Verse 1
You stare at me
Through those long gazing eyes
And it just seems to me
That your just not going to die.

I know how you feel
But I just cant say the same
Don’t pull me under
Just please let me go

Cus your pulling me under
Further and further with every blow
Please just let me go

These words you’ve been throwing at me
Seem to be taking their toll
Please just let me go

Verse 2
Here we are
We’ve come face to face
It’s time for me to do
All that it takes

Well I’m not going
I’m not going anywhere
Especially not there
Not away with you

Every last word
Is just another sad attempt
To bring me down
Down there with you

Every time
You look at me
I’ll just turn
And walk the other way

Thanks in advance, Sheldon.
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