im very new to playing bass and i have no idea on getting the tone i want im wanting to get a tone that sounds like Mike Dirnt(Green Day) and Matt Freeman(Rancid). I have a squier p-bass and a peavey max 126 trans tube amp. it has vintage, gain, high, and low knobs. what do i do to get the tone i want?
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Play with extremely bright strings, nothing sounds better than uber brightness. Besides that, on your amp, probably keep your lows around half or lower, and your highs just above that. Generally your mid to high range should be boosted to get a good punchy punk tone.
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idfk what vintage is, but gain should be low to none
high should be 3-4
low should be 6-8
and i would also switch ti the back pickup on the bass, if you have two
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My amp has vintage and modern as well. Go with vintage, modern seems to give my sound more of an "edge" which doesn't sound good when I play Longview.
play with a pick, but the bass at like 9'........the low mids and the high mids at about 2'.......the treble at 4'/5'............... play with a pick, and play with bright strings..........
Boost the mids+play with a pick, and roll the tone knob up.
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For a punk sound, I find that bumping the gain up for a bit of dirt/drive, and boosting the mids for a very thick, punchy tone gets better results than the scooped EQ shape, which I find more common in modern metal and rock bands. Helps give you a bit more muscle and not get drowned out by punks typically very big sounding rhythm guitar.

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When I play punk I use put lows up quite high, boost high mids, cut low mids and have treble around half. I also use a gritty distortion from my DS-1 which cuts the lows and on this occasion, I think that's a good thing because it gives a great gritty aggressive punk tone.
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