Hey, the name's Thief. (internet Allias)
I just got an acoustic guitar today, and it's awsome!..I'm also new in playing an acoustic guitar. I've a pretty good understanding of the guitar so far. Right now, i'm just messing around, getting use to the pain/stance. i'm also practicing some of the notes and a few major chords.
Do you have any advice for a beginger..?
And also.. what are some excerise I can do to train my fingers to transition well?

quick question.. how can you tell if a guitar you're using is a high/good quality guitar and not the useless ones?
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Ummm..... Advice....
Well, to start with lots of smaller prac sessions seem to be mroe productive than one huge one. especially seeing as your fingertips will probably be killing after playing for 5mins. Keep your guitar around when your on the computer, watching TV etc etc, play during adds, when you get bored, just pick it up and play for a little bit.

Dunno, i just did whatever felt right and played/ attempted to play whatever i wanted, even if it was extremely hard, its good to see how harder peices are done and whether or not they are within your reach to play. Some songs that sound really hard, can be quite easy.

I find that you go through stages, one day you wont be able to do something and then next week all of a sudden you willt ry it again and be able to do it, its kinda weird but thats the way it works. Just play a bunch, get used to the guitar etc etc.

And if you get frustrated put it down and go read a book. And dont let yourself get beat up because everyone else is better than you. most people have played longer and therefore will be better than you. Also people learn at different rates, so some people round here might be better than you but have played for the same amount of time, but seriously, who cares, people boast and exaggerate at time, and some people just pick things up really quickly. Also it dfepends if they are getting lessons as lessons will help you get through the annoying bits at the start as fast as possible.

Thats all the general advice that came to mind but im sure there is a lot more there, feel free to ask some questions and if i think of anything more ill come posting in here.

As for your question on how to tell a good guitar from a crap one...
First off you have your specs, a good guitar will at least have a solid (solid wood i mean, eg not laminate) top. you can pick up a guitar with a solid top for $200ish. As the price gets higher then a good guitar will also have solid back and sides. If a guitar says it has a solid spruce top on tis website then it has a solid one, if it just says spruce, or select spruce, special, super dooper special select fantastic spruce then it is laminate and generally not worth your time. having solid wood for the back and sides isnt as important but once your spending $600+ US dollars on a guitar solid back and sides should be a bigger thing to look for. Under that just a solid top is something to look for. Also the woods used are a big thing, common woods are spruce and cedar for the top, and mahogany and rosewood for the back and sides. There are other woods used but these are probably the most common.
A good guitar should sound good (takes a while to develop an ear for tone) play well, have good build quality. Some things its hard to tell with though, eg the Taylor Baby or Big baby or whatever it is. It has pretty ****ty build quality but chances are you wouldnt know that from just playing it in the shop. That why we have forums, so you can find these things out.