I seem to not be able to leave this place, as if it's an addiction...

So, I just wanted to know, who else here has problems getting off of UG when they're supposed to?
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=D i seem to be addicted with UG latley....but i get into forums for weeks then leave... then come back for some more =P
ha.. whenever i get on the internet, even if im going to do something else i automatically come to UG.

its like cocaine on the internet!

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bassists are not people

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Sometimes I stick my penis in the hole in the center of the CDs.

Exactly what I mean.

It's like, i know it's just gonna be gay jokes and flaming, but I CAN'T STAY AWAY!

Hmm, maybe that says more about me than the forum...
In an interstellar burst! I am back to save the universe...
I didn't have any problem getting through a 45 day ban, but whenever I'm on the computer I need to check in on UG .
I have UG set as my homepage so whenever I want to check something else I always end up browsing The Pit for an hour. And then, when I want to come on UG, I can stay on here for hours on end. I'm sure this is the case for most UG'ers.
defientely crack or heroin or both

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Your avatar is the first thing that has made me laugh in a long time. I applaud you

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Lmao, your avatar earns you a golf clap.
I'd like some alcohol right now.
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is there a website with the location of dealers? i mean, i want to try weed for the first time, but none of my friends do it or anything, and i don't know where to get it. For safety purposes you might want to PM me.
I have to say im addicted.

(anyone know how i can make it my homepage on AOL. i can't figure it out)

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I come here all the time, but this place is getting borring as hell, all the threads are the same thing day after day.
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My only bookmarks are youtube, UG.com, the Pit, UG smilie list, and YTMND NSMB Guitarist
i haven't signed off since i joined.....
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I like this guy, he's UG's Greek, and he just told your ass in two paragraphs. And I once spent 5 minutes watching his avatar.

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i usually piss about with myspace and the pit as tabs

I get on at about 7... and go to about 2
and thats pm-am
has anyone else planned on using the internet and then without thinking when you went to type the site, you type in UG. it caught me all the time. so now its my homepage
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Walking away from UG isn't as easy as getting off drugs.

... it's as hard as getting off the stage.
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i know its impossible too go on any site on the internet without thinking wow UG is way better than this
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four times the fun

I want to go river-rafting on top of them

I'm here a lot.

I've had a few times where I didn't go on much - but that made it better when I came back (lots of stuff to respond to).

Also, I can be found in:
-The Pit
-Alt + Indie,
-Musician Talk

and have wandered into:
-Modern Rock
-Classic Rock
-Bass Guitar
-Acoustic/Classical Guitar
-Guitar/Bass Basics
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i used to be addicted to the forum. then i got banned. in the time i was banned i was forced to find other things to do and i eventually came to the realization that almost every other option available to me is more entertaining than the forum.

yet here i am, bored off my ass on the forum because there's nothing better to do.
I don't actually play guitar.

A friend of mine, while attempting to teach me, introduced me to the site. I've been on forums before, so I got into it quickly. When I dropped guitar, however, I still came to the Pit, and here I stay.
Life is underrated.

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