anyone watch that tonight? I kind of felt bad for the kids, but I also laughed because it was like Shaq was trying to go save fat kids.
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huh? shaq is trying to save fat kids? wtf?
It's a long story, though, so I'll just say this: laxatives+metal do not mix.

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yea its great even though its just another weight loss tv show, its watchable. shaq is really funny. he has this setup in his backyard called shaqapoloko and i dont know why but i find it hilarious
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I though his "Big" Challenge was to keep his eyes strait for a few seconds
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ya i think someone needs to go slap those moms in the face though. the one that said she puts two full sticks of butter in the popcorn...WTF is the matter with you?!?!?!?!?!
I saw a clip and it didn't look too bad.
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That's wierd.

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i actually find it kinda funny but i feal bad for laughing but i think most of the show is going to be focused on walter