im looking for a new guitar. basically i need a rock guitar. i want something like a jackson or ibanez. ideally my price range would be 600 or lower. so if anyone has suggestions, let me know.
Some kind of RG or the Jetking?
No whammy= Jetking

But jackson has some good guitars with whammys.
I don't even shred
well jackson and ibanez are more metal guitars...so for rock either an SG or a les paul or something similar
I like my S520ex. Pretty nice guitar. Kind of noisey pickups... so you may want to change them eventually. But otherwise I'm very satisfied with it. Very comfortable to play, the whammy bar doesn't de-tune to much, in fact hardly at all. And it's easy to re tune, and fine tune, and just tweek in general. That's my 2 cents. Good luck!
well if your looking for a "rock" guitar, you should probably invest in a sg or les paul of some kind.
epiphone makes a slew of both styles for under 600
i play some metal too. not the crazy death/screaming kind of stuff but im trying to get better at playing like dragonforce kind of stuff. i have a stratocaster right now. i was playing an epiphone les paul and it just didnt play as well as i was expecting. then i played a jackson and really liked it. i dont know maybe it was just that particular epiphone but the jackson i played was really nice