thanks for the crit

The opening riff reminds me a lot of some Strokes song - one of their big singles, forgot what its called though. The vocals sound decent, but the sound quality is pretty bad on them. How are you recording this? I feel like there's too much reverb on the whole track and its too tinny. I'd really like to hear this with a full band - it would really fill it out. You've got some cool riffs in here, and I think it has the potential to be a pretty cool song.
thanks for the crit.

the first riff reminded me of the strokes, like the above dude said. something about the vocals sounds weird. it's really hard to crit this without a full band, so you should go for that and some better recording. peace
it was really cool. it wood've been nice to hear it with a full band,or at least some drums,lol. But i thought the vocals were really, Maynard James Keenan-esque(Tool's singer) . Definitly wood've been nicer with a better recording.
Well, this song definitely needs a lot of work. I could only listen about 30 seconds of it - that itself tells something... Basically, everything on this song needs to be worked, but start by getting a steady groove in the background. Also, if you intend to keep singing I suggest to take some lessons. So yeah, keep playing and making music. You just need a lot of practice but we've all been there.