Anyone recommend some headphones to look for when I go to the local music shop to compare several? I realize they may not have some that may be mentioned, but, it would be nice to go in with some knowledge and a starting point hopefully. They'll be for semi-multipurpose use...playing when it's late through a Black Box, monitoring recordings and mix-down(mostly this, at least until I can get a nice pair of active monitors), etc. I'm hoping to stay under $100, but, I may be open to going up to $150 if justified. Also, outside of flat response/quality of sound, is there anything that I should be looking for in features? Thanks for the help!!!
Apex HP-80's

cheap as borcht.. but AMAZING quality..

i use it for all my quiet mixing needs.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I hope to get to the music shop this weekend, so, I got some time to compile a list.