can anyone help me on the nut width i should get?.i'll post a thing of all i have and dont have later on today because i have to find the paper i printed.
wow. haha thats an amazing graduation present haha. What kind of esp are you getting?
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jesus. lucky guy. last time i used that online estimate form, my custom esp came out to something like $5500. you can buy a lot of cell phones with that money..
no sh*t....i hope i can get it its supposed to be like dave mustaines except im choosing a different color and it has a floyd rose tremolo.i have everything except the width of the nut since im new to using the tremolo i would like a locking nut so i wouldnt have to tune it as much unless i abuse the crap out of the tremolo bar but that wont hapen only in solos or intros or what not.
I don't think your parents realize how much a custom ESP will cost honestly.

100$ vs 5000$?
I'm back, you douchebags.
^ i agree.

nut width is mainly personal preference. your best bet is to try several guitars in shops whose nut widths you know (or else sneakily take a measuring tape with you). that's the only way to be sure.
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yeh i dont even know but i figured check out esp before we get it and if its more than a shnit load go aheaad and either get a cell phone or an acoustic