I have a choice here.

I could get a cort guitar, preferably this one:
at this moment in time, or the Jackson RR24, if i wait a while -_-

The cort is probably only a third of the jackson price, therefore making it more persuadable for my parents to get.

I was wondering if Cort guitars are good quality, and if they even scratch the standard of quality in a Jackson.

Sigs are too hard to think up
i personally don't really like cort guitars, but only have very limited experience with them (one weird old music store near me carries a bunch). i've never tried that model so i can't really give any advice. have you played it before? if it sounds and feels good to you, go for it. as for me, i'd rather save up for a long time (what i'm doing) and get a really great guitar, rather than constantly upgrading (something i was doing for a while) and losing money doing so.

there's a guy around here named, i think, cort noob (or something along those lines). he seems to love cort guitars, you should try to talk to him.
If the cort is 1/3 of the price, i suggest that you get it. I mean it has EMG 81/85 pickups, 24 frets and a body made of mahogany wood, so it's perfect. But if you get a chance to try it before buying it then do.
yeah the major plus is the emgs, and the 24 frets. What difference does the wood make for metal guitars? and what is the best kind?

i wanted a good bridge, like a floyd rose. Does that bridge look good for dive bombs and such?
Sigs are too hard to think up
The Cort has a licenced floyd in it so should be good for divebombs and general whammy abuse. I would definatly play that before commiting as the only Corts I played felt horrible. Partly due to a bad setup and partly due to bad fretwork. But this was a few years ago and things may have improved. But yeah if you have any experienced guitar playing friends have them play it too for a second opinion on playability and general build quality.
The RR24 has a floyd rose, which is the floyd . The cort has a floyd lisenced that isn't so good. I would go to the RR24: Original floyd, neck thru, made in japan... It's a overall better guitar